The Solution

Freeze Guard

Guaranteed to Work!

We offer a simple and yet very efficient protection against heating pipe freezing with our Patented Freeze Guard Device utilizing Temperature-to-Time Data Transfer Technology.

Freeze Guard is a match box-sized (2 1/2" by 1 1/4" by 1/2") addition to your existing home thermostat. It is designed to fit in the standard electrical box or in the hollow wall space behind your room temperature controlling device. It can be also installed in the basement, where your heating equipment is located.

Freeze Guard knows the outside temperature. It also knows when your heating system pipes are in freezing danger. And when needed, it will tell your thermostat to move just the right amount of hot water to prevent a disaster. The rest of the time Freeze Guard is in sleeping, stand-by mode, not affecting the normal function of your home thermostat. 

The interface to the thermostat is really simple. Three wires marked R(Red), W(White) and C(Common) are to be connected to the corresponding R, W and C terminals on your existing thermostat. That's it!

If your house has several independent heating zones, each individual zone will need its own Freeze Guard.

Every Freeze Guard Device comes equipped with three built-in options: Wired Outdoor Temperature Sensor, Wireless Outdoor Temperature Sensor and Weather Service.

The Wired Sensor Option is illustrated on the following figure. There is no distance limitation and no battery to be replaced. This is the best choice if your house does not have reliable Internet connection and your thermostat is mounted on an exterior wall.

The Wireless Sensor Option is shown on the next figure. The battery-powered sensor communicates with the Freeze Guard via radio channel. Average battery life is about two years. Maximum working distance is about 100 feet. This is the preferred choice if your house does not have reliable Internet connection and your thermostat is installed on an interior(partition) wall, rendering difficult running cable to the outside.

The Weather Service Option (see below) works by entering your ZIP code and doesn't require any sensors. It is the right choice if you have steady Internet connection even in inclement weather conditions. 

Considering that the Freeze Guard purpose is to protect from a natural disaster, we recommend combining the Weather Service Option with either Wired or Wireless Sensor. The system will automatically select the source with lower temperature reading.

Freeze Guard can be installed by anyone in about 30 minutes using a small size screwdriver (included) and a smart phone or computer (not included). 

The following pictures show Freeze Guard electrical connection and actual installation behind your home thermostat. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. We love talking to you.